Had a lie in till 9am and then had breakfast which we booked the night before. Afterwards we wandered up the road and booked a dive on the wreak at Tulamben for tomorrow and then got two of my films and two of Charlotte’s booked in for developing. I returned back to my room and after a while we all went for a wander. After that we (Deb’s and I) spent some time sitting by the beach, watching the sea. We then went to get a bite to eat and afterwards put to roll of film from India in to be developed. Deb’s went along the beach for a walk while I had an afternoon nap. Afterwards Debs returned and we walked up the road to collect our pictures. They were quite good especially the one’s of the Taj Mahal. Afterwards we all went for dinner. Following dinner we returned via the photo shop to pick up some more photos of India that I had developed before going to bed early…again.