Candidasa -> Sengiggi (Lombok)

Was woken up by that bloody chicken thing at 6.30am and it would not shut up. Eventually we got up and had a good breakfast. We packed and the chicken thing tried to venture into our room, the lonely plant guide came in useful a missile! Anyway walked up the road to get my diving log back stamped and then wandered back and sat on the beach front reading. Charlotte eventually awoke and started to get ready. Debs finished writing her letter and we walked up to the supermarket to post it and get some food. After eating we all set off via bemo to Pangbangbi where we caught the ferry to Lombok. Debs and I met two bods from Birmingham who were a good laugh (Phil and Sharon). The five hour trip was eventually over and we said we would meet them on the Gili Islands. We got an expensive bemo to Sengeggo. We were directed to a place and Charlotte and Giles stayed while we walked around for ages trying to find a place. Eventually we got to some place in the middle of a forest. Sat down had some good and beer and met some Aussies who we talked to for a while. We then crawled into bed and had quite a good night’s sleep.