Awoke quite early and laid in bed until I got up and started reading while Deb’s was still asleep. Breakfast came and was consumed quite quickly before we gathered our things together and set off up the road to the dive centre. Met up with Coral the Dive Master and set off via a van to Tutalmben through some nice countryside. About 10am we reached the site ND KITTED UP. Debs put on some snorkelling gear and was away examining the wreck of the USAT Liberty from the surface while Coral and I descended to a depth of 20 metres and examined her in her grave. She was covered in lots of coral and life. Came out and had quite a nice sandwich while Deb’s lunch was… well lets not talk about it. the second dive was just as good as the first except we swam inside the sunken vessel. Still saw lots of fish and other things about the ship. We came out and cleared up before returning to Candidasa Debs and I returned to our rooms and slept for the afternoon. After we awoke we went to get some dinner and a beer and even had a power cut whilst eating. Following that we headed back to our rooms and went to sleep.