Boarding the loft

One half of the loft boarded.

On Monday I got round to doing some work in the loft as I had a day off in lieu from my day job. The aim for the loft project was to board the entire loft and insulate the tunnel which provides light into the bathroom via the Velux window in the roof. The Velux got fitted on the 10th November by G & N roofing who did a good job despite the weather outside. Still, a good supply of tea helps to keep spirits high…….anyway back to the loft. Once the roof light tunnel was insulated I moved into some re-wiring which involved moving the light switch from the old loft access hatch to the new one + fitting an additional florescent tube light. That actually took me an entire two days during a previous weekend but at least I can see a little better up there. With that complete, I was then able to get some loft boards from Wickes and spend some time slotting them together over the rafters to form a decent platform. The idea is to provide some additional insulation, some storage space and a platform to finish the firewall ( I didn’t fancy balancing on the rafters whilst bricklaying…). So, a day later and 200 odd screws (to secure the boards) I finished. I just need to complete the other half and do some bricklaying to completely finish the job. Let’s hope I find some time…… 🙂