BMW maintenance

New wheels

I had a little shock when I went to get some tyre replacements for my 5 series as I was quoted £205 for a single replacement…..ouch. Apparently the Dunlop 230/55ZR390 SP2000E tyres are 5 series specific and only specially made hence why they are so expensive. The nice chaps at Roadwheel suggested I get hold of another set of wheels which take standard tyres as it would be cheaper than putting an entire new set of tyres on the current wheels. So a quick call to BM Spares and I got myself a E39 set (which included tyres) for £250 + £40 postage and got Roadwheel to fit them. Along with the new wheels I also had to get a new back box and a new mounting bracket so it turned out a little expensive. Still the car has only done 173,000 miles and I suspect that everything else will fall apart before the engine gives up (or so the man from BMW quoted!).