Woke up quite early with Pheebs at the other end of the bed! (she did not sleep very well so had to change ends). We got up and wandered into the restaurant for breakfast. We met Doug and Heather and sat down at a nearby table where Willhien joined us alosng with Jennifer (although there was some tension with Willhien and his austere persona). After that we got ready to meet Carlos at 9am but he did not show so I had to go and knock on his door (he overslept). The plan was set to visit a waterfall down the road and a private bus was sorted by Carlos. So most of us took the private bus to the Devils Pot and the ardous journey up and down into the valley( wow, that certainly got the heart working). After that we headed back to Banos for lunch. Pheebs abd I headed to the Hood restaurant where we bumped into the girls. After that we headed back to the hotel to get ready for a walk up the mountain to see the Cross. Jennifer, Pheebs and I made it up the long steep climb (took about an hour) to the top where we got a very good view of Banos! (a good vista point). Once we had finished we headed back down the mou ntain and had a shower back at the hotel. From there Pheebs and I headed to the massage shop for a much needed massage. Actully this was our first Swedish massage (actually Pheebs went for the hot stone option). It felt a little strange to take all one’s clothes off and lie under a sheet awaiting the massage to begin. I must say that the Swedish massage was much better than the one we had the day before! After that Pheebs and I returned back to the hotel for another shower and to get ready for dinner at the Argentine restaurant. It was quite a quirky place with stuffed clothes hanging up (in a hammock) and a stuffed cow’s head! Unfortunately Pheebs chicken was undercooked so it want not quite what we planned. The steak I had was excellent but Pheebs chicken had to be sent back to be cooked again. After finishing dinner we headed back through the rain to our hotel room to chill out before going to bed! (and no we did not leave a tip)
Nighty night