Bangkok -> Samui

Woke up about 8ish and we all got a rickshaw to the station so we could try and get the train to the little Island of Koh Samui. We tried but eventually got lead to a travel shop and got a VIP coach which cost about 650 bart. We then checked out of the Hello guest house walked around for a bit before coming back so we could watch the films. After that we made our way to ;pick up the coach for 5pm but it did not leave until 6ish. The coach compared to the ones in India were excellent as it had quite comfortable seats and a/c. We stopped 1/2 way for a break and then sped off into the night. I briefly passed out every once in a while whilst trying to push the guy next to me away as he was trying to take over some of my seat. Great huh!. Anyway we made it to switch to catch another coach to the ferry!