Bangkok -> Denpassur (Bali)

Debs banged on the door it was 6am we were late we had missed the bus said bye to Steve as he had shared the room with me and we set off to next door to see if we could catch another, Luckily there was we got it and 45 mins later we made it to the airport! I had a coffee and we sat around waiting to check in. When we did we eventually made it through all the security and waited again to board. the flight was only about 3 1/2 hours the landing was nearly into water as the landing strip sticks out into the sea., once down we went through the usual passport control etc and got a taxi to the world famous Kuta beach. We found somewhere to stay had a swim and watched the sun go down. We had dinner in a mad bar where the beers were a Chilean as Bob Dylan. Went for a walk on the beach with Debs and on the way back had coffee and a pancake before going to bed.