Woke up with a smiley face next to me and we got up and had breakfast next door before catching a bus up to the weekend market but found it was closed! opps error!. We then got the bus back to the Kohsan road area and went to Worke shopping. We then went back to the same restaurant as before and met Steve (from Jungle Guest House) and talked for a while. We went back to the guest house and got ready to go to PatPong (The red light district) We could not convince Steve to come with us again (had been one before) We caught the bus and when we got there had dinner in McDonalds (well its been a long time) before walking up and down Pat Pong and seeing all the girlie tarts. We left a short while after and headed back to the restaurant met Steve had a few beers and went back packed and went to bed, as we had to wake up at 5 in order to catch the airport bus.