Woke up feeling fine and a smiley face battered on my door. Charlotte did not feel too good, so Debs and I had breakfast on our own. We then went out to find the Thieves market and after about 1/2 hour we made it. This so called market of shops was the largest group of shops that sold electronic stuff, camera’s and musical instruments in Bangkok. We spent a while shopping. We then walked back and had a rest back in my room before setting off again. We had lunch downstairs and then found a bus to take us up to the northern bus terminal where we found out how to get to the national park. After that we walked around the largest weekend market in Bangkok. This place sold everything but the stuff that amazed me was the amount of animals you could buy. Snakes, spiders, scorpions, kittens, rabbits etc etc. and various furry animals all shoved in cages the size of them. Still it opened my eyes. After the long bus journey back through the rush hour traffic we made it back in time for quiet time followed by dinner and film watching then early to bed.