Back garden redevelopment

Seating Area

Pheebs and I have been busy this weekend in completing further work in our back yard. We managed to source some FSC certified sleepers from Oakridge Timber which I managed to pick up on the way back from Man Camp this year. After some fun and games of man handling the 100x200x1200mm sleepers we managed to get them bolted together and level (within reason) before filling in the centre with earth. Once that was completed, Pheebs laid the old 1/4″ quarry tiles ( which came from the dining room prior to the timber floor being laid) to provide us a much needed patio/seating area, whilst I finished the raised timber bed. To be even more Eco we didn’t use concrete to secure the tiles so they’re just resting on earth & sand to encourage moss/plant growth through the gaps. Hopefully that’ll give it a rustic look! 😉 Once completed we filled the raised beds with pro-grow compost and planted the first of many plants. We’re both now looking forward to the Summer to enjoy it once it’s complete. 😉