The alarm went off early and I rushed to the toilet once again (turning into a habit this) before plodding down to breakfast with Andreas. The food was late and I had to make another rush to the toilet before we set off to Ajanta via a 31/2 coach journey. When we dot there we were given a guided tour of four of the caves which were very old caves chopped out of the solid rock face. Quite a few of them hadn’t even been finished. After we had seen the best painting in the caves we were allowed to wander about the others but you could really enjoy it as there were hundreds of loud Indians. Oh well. The 31/2 hour journey seemed to have taken longer but we made it back and cleaned up. Rested for a bit and then went downstairs and met the others who were all leaving apart from one. We had dinner and played cards for a while before watching a bit of TV and then went to bed.