The bloody alarm clock went off at 7.15am and again the smiley face greeted me with affection! and prodded me to get up. We stomped down stairs and had breakfast. We then prepared ourselves for the day and set off to find the bus station so we could go to the Ellora Caves…half an hour later and after many directions later we made it! We jumped on the bus and within 30 minutes were there. The caves were amazing carved out of the solid rock face and must have taken a long time and had to have been chopped away 200,000 tons of stone. After leaving the main cave we bumped into another bunch of while people of which we all got the bus back to Aurangabad. We arranged to meet for a beer later, and we (Debs and I) cleaned ourselves up and had a snack and again we met a German who we also arranged to have a white beer evening! There was loads of us at eight and most of them had dinner and some of us started drinking beer and I managed to drink two bottles!! the German Andreas and I played chess and he won the first game and I won the next but god did I have to think about it, I then proceeded to sleep off the remains of the beer!