At last the shower gets fitted.....

Once I’d managed to re-plaster the wall again on the friday evening and let it set (I used new one coat plaster instead of the two year old stuff dad lent me!), I had a base with which to start tiling onto. B & Q had standard 6″ x 6″ white tiles for £3.48 a box of 44 tiles so using them wasn’t an expensive project to complete. I must say tiling is fiddly but you do need a straight surface to tile on if you want a half decent tiled wall. The newly plastered wall length ways down the bath is straight’ish but you can still see it wonky in places! 🙂 Still hopefully it won’t be there for ever and perhaps I might get to move the bathroom over the kitchen if I can save some money up in the next year so it’ll do for the time being. Using tile spacers is definitely a must, even though some tiles might be slightly out when you stick them to the wall with tile grout. Do wear a pair of DIY clothes though otherwise you might get a few funny looks going out in your best jeans! 🙂

Plumbing the new shower in wasn’t that bad… fact it was easy as some of the pipe work was already behind the wall where I mounted the shower as the old water heater was in the airing cupboard. So all I had to do was add an extra isolator value and extend using Polyplumb fittings to connect the shower in!

I even managed to replace the standard light fitting with a new waterproof one from Wickes in the same day!

Finally after spending the weekend tiling, grouting and finally plumbing I’ve at last got the shower installed and working. I must say its a really pleasure to stand under and enjoying the rainfall from the 5″ shower head! 🙂