Another week off for DIY

Dining room step

It’s been another hectic week off completing various DIY tasks that have been sat festering. Whilst Pheebs was off sorting the allotment out, I was busy trying to finish the dinning room cupboards and other various tasks. I did manage to build a step in front of the french doors which was fun using a combination of my Triton table saw and router table + finger jointer. I often wonder if my grandad would raise an eyebrow to using machinery to complete woodworking tasks considering he was a pattern maker so an excellent carpenter but it would probably take me a week just to do the finger joining. However using the finger jointer took all of 4 minutes to complete the job. After the step was built I moved onto putting an extra couple of sockets in, 1 by the step (double) and another in the cupboard shelf (single) area as it’ll be useful to have some that side of the dining room. After wiring in those I finished off the 40mm cupboard top but did have to make one piece from gluing and clamping some MDF sheets together. Hopefully once the cupboard is sanded and finished we or anyone else more to the point will notice. I also managed to start building the cupboard doors but ran out of time so I’ll have to complete this when we need have available time. However, we’ve also got the front & back gardens to complete + an allotment to prepare. Man alive there is too much to do and not enough time to do it. 😉