Debs woke me up at 8 but it didn’t work. Slept until about 10.30 got up and had a coke and honey pancakes for breakfast before setting off to Agra Fort. We all decided to walk to the fort, which was about 1km which did not agree with Joey who collapsed in a heap by the roadside. We left him there as he got a rickshaw back to Hotel Pink as we proceeded to the fort. The place was amazing and you could see the Taj Mahal from there. After that we returned to the Hotel for an afternoon nap (well I did!!). After which we went to see the Taj Mahal. It was amazing in saying that it’s the most incredible piece of architecture I’ve ever seen. It’s completely made from marble and inlayed with precious gems. It took about 20,000 people 20 years to build (which is a long time if you asked me!) After watching the sun set over the Taj we all returned to the hotel for a shower, then dinner, then a much needed sleep.