About Me

Here’s what you’ve always wanted to know about me but where afraid to ask ( or perhaps you aren’t but are really bored surfing the net so it’ll pass the time):

1/ Popped out on the 6th July 1973 in Southampton General Hospital.
2/ Have a sister called Lucy who has a habit of falling down stairs and pretending to be trees.
3/ Have two cheeky neiceletts called Kathryn and Sarah
4/ Got two tattoos, one band on my left arm and a Taoist symbol on my right arm.
5/ Played the guitar since I was eighteen.
6/ Have a particularly lovely Girlfriend called Phoebe (and no not the one from Friends).
7/ Work at a large American IT company attempting to fix problems……
8/ Diverse range of hobbies include Sailing, Diving, Snowboarding, Climbing, Swimming, Karate, Running, Drinking
9/ PADI OWSI ( open water scuba instructor)
10/ Have been a safety diver on a Kellogg’s Corn-flakes advert (yeah, it seemed like a good idea at the time!)
11/ Did own a floaty boaty thing with flappy bits with my Father.
12/ Ride a motorbike when it’s nice out! (Hey, at least I freely admit I’m a fair weather rider!)
13/ Want to take over the world
14/ Don’t want to get older! lol
15/ Two very cool, understanding, drugged parents who have a habit of collecting suntans whilst away on holiday.
16/ Tried to learn Japanese for a year whilst at college. Oh Genki desu ka?
17/ Favourite films include, Star Wars, Last Boy Scout, Die Hard, The Good, The Bad and the Ugly, Where Eagles Dare.
18/ Love the TV series “Spaced”
19/ Would have married Gwyneth Paltrow but was beaten to the post by Chris Martin. (Yeah, such is life) 🙂
20/ Love Ducks…… quack.