A week off for some DIY

Building cupboards

Just spend an entire week at home building some alcove cupboards in the dining room to enable us to make use of all the space in our house as we’ve kinda limited in that department. I knew what I had in mind so previously produced a rough draft using graph paper and then decided on what material to use to build it with. I chose 40mm MDF to give a chunky but modern feel and got the idea from various woodworkers websites around the internet. I managed to find Timberworld in Reading to supply the 2.4 x 1.2 metre sheets and to deliver them to me. However, they weren’t easy to handle when they arrived and had to use socket extensions to roll the sheets into the dinning room so I could cut them up to size. I’m glad I bought a new circular saw to aid my task and also glad to be wearing a face mask whilst cutting (MDF isn’t very pleasant to cut due to being made up from wood particles and then glued together). I also managed to fit lights into the alcove ceiling and fireplace (log store) by wiring into the 5amp lighting circuit from the cupboard under the stairs. It was a shame that I didn’t manage to complete the task that week but did manage to get started. I’m hoping I’ll get some extra time to continue this mission……. stay tuned for further adventures in alcove cupboard building. 😉