A spot of Tiling

So, what happens when you try and remove 4 rows of old bathroom tiles from the wall…..err it pulls off the old plaster from the lathe & plaster wall. Whoops, so after removing what’s left of the plaster and lathes, a small piece of plaster board was nailed up. I then filled in the gaps around the plaster board and let it dry.

The stuff I used from Wickes seemed to take ages to dry but not surprising as it was quite thick in places.

The next I was able to mix up some one coat plaster ( thanks dad) and put another thick layer on (and used PVC solution to act as a bonding agent). It’s not that straight at the moment but the final layer will resolve that. It doesn’t really matter anyway as I’m going to tile over it all anyway. Still I was able to tile and grout the end wall where the shower is going to be installed. I did manage to start installing the shower today but I need to order a 16mm drill in order to put the 15mm pipes through to make it work! 🙂 Oh hum, I’ll have to wait a little longer before enjoying the large 5″ shower rose. 🙂