A flying visit to Denver, Colorado

From San Francisco I flew into Denver, Colorado so I could meet my boss in the Broomfield office and after a short drive from the center of downtown Denver I made it to the vicinity of the Broomfield office….except I’d got the address of the old StorageTek campus…..doh. Anyway driving around that campus that I spotted a large number of Praire Dogs poking out of their holes and managed to get some close ups!

Eventually after phoning my boss Mark I managed to get to the right office and mingle with some of the folks in the office. I managed to leave the office early with Mark as he and his wife Kat were cooking dinner for me which was very kind of them. I must say looking around their newly built property you do seem to get a lot of space for the money you pay. Still after stuffing my face and an attempt to eat a BBQ’d Jalapeno pepper I called it a day and made my way back to the Comfort Inn in downtown Denver, although had to negotiate the one way system….. 🙂

Anyway thanks to both of them for feeding me and showing me around. Perhaps I can return the favour if they visit the UK.