A Day at the Hawk Conservancy

Eagles Circling

So Pheebs and I took a day out down the road to Andover at The Hawk Conservancy tto visit some feathered friends. When we arrived we managed to grab a little bite to eat at the BBQ and then started wandering around the various enclosures viewing the birds. There were lots of birds of pray there but I wasn’t quite sure who was eyeing up who. 🙂 A large number of the birds were out in the open but tethered and it was quite daunting to see them up close and personal. Pheebs even managed to don a glove and feed a kite 🙂

Pheebs feeding a kite

The afternoon shows where quite spectacular as the bird handlers released the birds into the air so they could fly around circling us and every once in a while catch food thrown by their handlers. We saw Kites, Buzzards, Hawks and perhaps my favorite the American Bald Headed Eagle. The second show was also interesting in that it showed Owls and other birds who frequent the forest environment more that the plains. Again, more up and close time was spent with the birds flying extremely close and I think I count my lucky stars that I’m not something which gets eaten by one of these gracious creatures.

Up close and personal

It’s certainly a great day out for all the family and I’m sure we’ll be back at some point in the future to see them all again. 🙂