Debs woke me up at 8 but it didn’t work. Slept until about 10.30 got up and had a coke and honey pancakes for breakfast before setting off to Agra Fort. We all decided to walk to the fort, which was about 1km which did not agree with Joey who collapsed in a heap by the roadside. We left him there as he got a rickshaw back to Hotel Pink as we proceeded to the fort. The place was amazing […]

Delhi to Agra

After getting up early and expecting a mini bus to pick us up, we were confronted by a man and a car who was sent by the travel agent stating that there were no mini buses on Monday due to a company policy. He expected us to get 6 people and baggage into one car for 900 rupees (well expensive). Scott and Jim had to go back to the office where they waited for an hour before they got their […]

Still in Delhi

Did not sleep much, quite hard to sleep due to strange surroundings. Anyway woke up and were going to go to Agra but no trains on Sunday. Decide to take a walk around town with Scott and Sarah (two Aussie people) and the other two English blokes that we met on the plane. It was a particularly interesting walk as every Tuletuk drivers wants to take you wherever you want to go. Tuletuk are motor bikes with passenger compartments at […]

London –> Delhi (India)

What can one say? Going to India……… that’s nice……After a gruelling 8 hour flight landed at Delhi airport. The first thing that hits you in the face is the heat, followed by sheer panic “bloody hell.. Its hotâ€? (79 degrees f) and then oh my god, where am I, what the hell am I doing going away.. to here. After collecting our baggage we were lucky enough to meet two Aussies and two English people. We decided to stick together […]