Saw the most amazing thunder storm last night. The sky was filled with light flashes and rained hard, we even had a power cut, which did’nt help as it was quite humid. Anyway went to sleep and woke up feeling like shit as there had been a power cut again so the room was hot. Did not feel like breakfast and had to make a quick dash to the toilet due to the whirly squirts, after which I felt completely […]


A bright eyed smiley face tried to wake me up this morning at 5.15 and wasn’t greeted very well…so after being dragged out of bed Mr Angry was trailed around the dirty smelly streets of Jaipur which didn’t last long due to the fact that Debs didn’t know where she was going! Typical: Anyway we returned to the hotel where we went to sleep and awoke about 11am and had breakfast. After which we headed off to the market via […]


Not in the best of health this morning, I felt totally drained of energy I did not sleep well even a morning swim didn’t help much. It wasn’t a day that actually anything happened apart from laying around and sleeping lots. Did some more swimming and talked to some guys from Bristol who said that Goa was shutting down for the monsoon, but hotels and stuff should be open! Lets hope so. We went to dinner next door where I […]

Agra to Jaipur

After Waking up and having breakfast we said goodbye to the others and set off via rickshaw to catch the bus to Jaipur, which takes us a while….about five hours……after which we made it to Jaipur the biggest dump I’ve ever seen, (it makes Tim’s bedroom emaculate!). We again were cornered by rickshaw drivers wanting to take us places. We got one to take us to the Evergreen hotel, which had a swimming pool…….yippee!! It didn’t take me long to […]