The alarm went off early and I rushed to the toilet once again (turning into a habit this) before plodding down to breakfast with Andreas. The food was late and I had to make another rush to the toilet before we set off to Ajanta via a 31/2 coach journey. When we dot there we were given a guided tour of four of the caves which were very old caves chopped out of the solid rock face. Quite a few […]


The bloody alarm clock went off at 7.15am and again the smiley face greeted me with affection! and prodded me to get up. We stomped down stairs and had breakfast. We then prepared ourselves for the day and set off to find the bus station so we could go to the Ellora Caves…half an hour later and after many directions later we made it! We jumped on the bus and within 30 minutes were there. The caves were amazing carved […]


After crawling off the coach trying taking my bottom into working again we were greeted with the usual smiling faces offering to take us to a hotel of their choice. After picking one or rather one of theirs picked us he tried taking us to a hotel and after repeating several times we managed to get to the Pirn travel hotel which was quite pleasant at 200 rupees for a night for a double room. After feeling and drinking beer […]

Ahmedabad -> Aurangabad

After having a few winks of sleep we woke up and decided to try and get out of the city (after all it’s a dump it makes Manchester look like heaven!) We managed to find a travel place and got ourselves on a bus to Aurangabad. After which we went back to the not nice hotel Relax where we played cards for the remaining hours until the bus journey. At about 4.30pm we headed over to catch the bus which […]