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In a plane -> Home

After take off we sat staring at the screen and eventually the TV came on it was the Simpson’s. When that was finished we tried to sleep as all the cabin lights went off as we flew into the night. Some time later Debs and I stirred we had been flying for 8 hours which meant only a few more4 to go before we got back to sunny England. What seemed like ages breakfast arrived and a film came on. […]

Kuta -> Bangkok

Woke up early and bounced out of bed. ~We walked up the road to the restaurant and had porridge and tea. We were again hassled into stuff but he was told to go away. We then went back and got our beach gear. We walked down to the beach, and had time laying there. Giles and I went for a dip but the waves were not strong as last time. Giles and Charlotte went off to have breakfast and Debs […]


Well we both woke up with slight hangovers. I managed to get up and head down the supermarket to get some water and paracetemol as she was and to get out of bed. We then got ready and walked up the road to have a good breakfast we then wandered through Kuta looking for sarongs to buy! I bought some more kinky trousers and then we walked back towards our room. We stopped at a sarong place and managed to […]

Ubud -> Kuta

Woke up a couple of times as I needed to go to the toilet and then slept to 8.30am. We well Debs got me a cup of tea and ordered breakfast for us. We ate that and continued to pack the rest of our stuff up. We then left our homestead and walked down the road to catch a demo to take us straight to Kuta. Once we were there Debs and I left our gear with Giles and Charlotte […]