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Galapagos Islands to Isla Espanola

After a fun night rolling around as we sailed all night we awoke on Isla Espanola. After a hearty breakfast on the stern deck table we got ourselves ready for a wet landing near Isla Gardner which was a white coral beach. The beach was inhabited by Sea lions who lounged around the beach not really perturbed by their human visitors. It was truly great to wander amongst them watching them go about their daily lives of being Sea lions. […]

Galapagos Islands (PTO Ayora)

Woke up quite early and well before the alarm went off to the gentle rocking of Sagitta with Pheebs in the top bunk! (I had the luxury of the bottom double bunk!) We got up and went to the dinning room for breakfast. After which our guide Alex told us he was not feeling too good and that we would be getting another guide for the rest of our trip (which was a shame as he was a particularly good […]

Quito (Old Town) to Galapagos Islands

The alarm woke us up and we got our things sorted before heading downstairs for our private taxi. The taxi then proceeded to drive like a maniac to the airport (and which most drivers drive like idiots anyway). However as the fare was $5 and we did not have any change (nor did the driver) I had to run inside to get a bottle of water in order to pay the exact fare! Anyway we found the representative of the […]

Quito (Old Town)

Got up and had breakfast at the hotel (once we had realised it was with the room!) Not long after Pheebs ate the eggs she ran off feeling unwell! Finished my breakfast and chatted to the Americans who were sat next to me. After some lengthy conversations I checked on Pheebs who was lying in bed feeling sick. After a while she recovered and we went for a long walk to the bakery to get some bread and cake for […]