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Woke up quite early with Pheebs at the other end of the bed! (she did not sleep very well so had to change ends). We got up and wandered into the restaurant for breakfast. We met Doug and Heather and sat down at a nearby table where Willhien joined us alosng with Jennifer (although there was some tension with Willhien and his austere persona). After that we got ready to meet Carlos at 9am but he did not show so […]

Shangrila to Banos

Woke up a little jaded from the night before and had breakfast. After that we completed our packing and put our baggage on to the lift to take back up to the top. From there we took a public bus to Banos. Once there we settled into our hotel and sorted our washing out (Carlos took us to the laundry shop!) After a quick tour of Banos we had lunchin a sandwich place. (Not without visiting the cuy bbq with […]


Pheebs and I woke up reasonably refreshed. We got dressed and then met the others for breakfast. After which we all got on a truck and headed down the road (50 mins) to pick up a motorised canoe to take us up river to an animal rescue centre. That took 30 mins to get there where we had a guided tour of the centre. They actually rescue injured animals and experts treat them and then attempt to release them back […]

Pimpilala to Shangrila

We both woke up at light and eventually got up and had breakfast with everyone. After breakfast we sorted ourselves out and then headed out to the local school to visit the kids and teacher then some English in what ever form we deemed necessary! David gave a maths lesson and then Pheebs and Rachael did head, shoulders and knees and toes in two groups of kids which went down well. Heather did another maths lesson followed by the rest […]