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Quito (New Town to Old Town)

Woke up and eventually got out of bed. Checked the laundry but it was not ready so we had breakfast instead. Afterwards we chilled out in the hotel room as check out was not until 2pm. After some chilling out I went to check if the laundry was ready which it was so we sorted it all out back at the room. After some further chilling we finished packing and made our way down to reception to leave our bags […]

Otavalo to Quito

Woke up really early with the loud sounds of motor vehicles (and the smell of exhaust fumes). Attempted to ignore the sounds but eventually got up and got dressed. Wandered downstairs and bumped into Sarah so went to breakfast together in a restaurant overlooking the main market square. Afterwards we wandered the food and clothing markets (local) which was interesting (strange meat small) before finding a small café for a coke. After which we wandered back to the hotel to […]

Cayambe to Otavalo

Woke up as per usual and Pheebs and I headed to breakfast with the others. We had packed the night before so after breakfast we sorted out last minute stuff out and met Carlos. We then walked down the path to wait for the first bus to take us back to Cayambe. From there we had to wait for another bus to take us to Otavalo (which only took 30 – 40mins). Once there we checked into our hotel and […]


Woke up and headed into the dining room for breakfast (where I was accused of stealing a seat!), after which we got ready for our trip up to the glacier 4×4!. The trip up the mountain took about an hour and a half with some very bumpy roads to navigate (and I was in the very back seat!) Once we got to the top (4800m) we walked around admiring the view of the glacier and surrounding countryside. After some time […]