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Galapagos Islands to Isabela /Fernandina Island

Woke up around 5am with the sound of the engines starting for our journey to Urbina Bay further up Isabela Island. Dozed for w while until it was time to get up for breakfast at 7am (or just before). After that we got our stuff ready for the dinghy to shore and for our walk. The walk lasted about an hour and a half and we spotted land Iguana’s, tortoises(2) lots of finches, grass hopper, mocking birds, lava lizards etc. […]

Galapagos Island to Isabela Island

Woke up at 6am as we were having an early start to walk over Isabela Island (we had an interesting alarm call at 2am when the ship anchored off Moleno Point). We had breakfast at 6.30am and then left the ship via dingy to land on the lava fields. The lava fields look so barren and odd that I can understand them being likened to the surface of the moon or hell. The surface is totally uneven with strange formations […]

Galapagos Islands to Floreana Island

Woke up after a reasonable sleep (the boat anchored about midnight) and got up for breakfast at 7.am. After that we got ready for our wet landing at Cormorant Point which had a volcanic sandy beach (olivine – volcanic crystals) and very different to the previous island. From the beach we walked inland to a lagoon with a lonesome flamingo. The lagoon smelt a little bit due to the stagnant water (filled by rain). We then wandered up to a […]

Galapagos Islands to Isla Espanola

After a fun night rolling around as we sailed all night we awoke on Isla Espanola. After a hearty breakfast on the stern deck table we got ourselves ready for a wet landing near Isla Gardner which was a white coral beach. The beach was inhabited by Sea lions who lounged around the beach not really perturbed by their human visitors. It was truly great to wander amongst them watching them go about their daily lives of being Sea lions. […]